The Ultimate Coffee-Table Book

What if you wrote to the Baseball Hall of Fame offering to donate a full set of Mickey Mantle's toenail clippings? Why, they'd be glad to have 'em--even if you are "a Level 4 bed-wetter." Cooperstown is only one of many institutions terrorized in Letters from a Nut, a collection of crazed correspondence by Ted L. Nancy. The name is a pseudonym, perhaps for Jerry Seinfeld, who wrote the introduction. Seinfeld never comes clean, but the yocks sure sound like his material. And the letters have his prints all over them--who else would write the L.A. Lakers posing as a rabid fan who wears pants with a see-through back end, "for medical reasons"? Whoever wrote it, the book's a real lark. Where else can you meet "Pip, the Mighty Squeak," a man who gambles in a giant shrimp costume, or a corn that looks like Shelley Fabares? Only inside the fevered brain of Ted L. Nancy--whether he's Jerry Seinfeld or not.  {from Goodreads}

I was browsing in the humor section of the Public Library yesterday and happened upon this book.  Opened it, read the first letter, and proceeded to {almost} cackle hysterically out loudIn the library.

Needless to say, I checked the book out and spent the afternoon in complete stitches.  It's that funny.

Great book for the coffee table or the {a-hem} "reading" room.

Imagine my excitement when I found out there are 2 additional volumes that have come out:

More Letters from a Nut    and     Extra Nutty! Even More Letters from a Nut

Will definitely be checking into both of them!


  1. That sounds like the greatest book! I can't wait to check it out.

    p.s. I sent off your book yesterday! :)


  2. if jerry seinfeld has his name anywhere on it, it must be funny.

    i hope you will have another book review soon.

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