impulse buys...

One would think I'd have enough sense not to purchase additional reading material when my "To Be Read" list is already quite long.  One might even think that, considering the fact that I still have 2 library books to read as well as a quite healthy stack of purchased books I've yet to tackle, I'd be smart enough to just walk right past the book section in a store without giving it a second glance. Yeah.  One would think that.  But if one did, one would be so wrong.

At least today's impulse shopping only increased the stack by two...

I should really be reading instead of blogging.


  1. I used to always buy too many books. I'm not as bad about it now since I have an electronic reader. The books are cheaper, and I tend not to buy any until I'm out.

  2. I'm bad with impulse book buying! Like you there are already plenty at home to read without buying more.

  3. I was let down by The Lace Reader. After hearing the author interviewed on NPR -- Terry Gross -- it sounded way better than I thought it was. I have SO many books to read it's ridiculous. The thing about the library is they seem to arrive at once and then I have to race through them and drop everything else I am reading until I do. From your profile I see we both love the same type of books.......

  4. Agree with I Wonder Wye...totally disappointed with The Lace Reader.
    Love IMPULSE BUYS!! :)